Natal Chart Readings


Natal Chart Readings by Jaime Goldstein


All of the planets and stars were divinely aligned at the moment of your birth. You are a living and breathing expression of the cosmic energy of this moment in time that you carry throughout your life. This divine cosmic blueprint can be seen in your personal natal chart, a map of where the planets were in the sky at the moment of your birth. Understanding your unique natal chart reveals your deeply rooted psychological wiring, can act as a celestial roadmap for navigating the cosmic cycles in your life, and can connect you to your soul’s purpose. 

Have you ever read about your sun sign and felt like the description didn’t describe you accurately? Well, your sun sign is only one part of your personal natal chart, only one puzzle piece of your divine cosmic blueprint. Understanding the placement of all of the other planets along with the sacred geometric relationships between the planets will allow you to more deeply understand yourself and where you are in your cosmic cycles. The celestial bodies are as much within you, as they are within the sky. When you are attuned with the celestial bodies, you can become a co-creator with the Divine. 

The cost of a reading is $90 for a 60 minute session.   Sessions are done online with Jaime using zoom.   On-site readings can be scheduled for $130.  Purchase your session online and Jaime will contact you to schedule your session.

In a natal chart reading, you will receive

· Astrological consultation 

· A copy of your personal natal chart

· A copy of your personal natal chart with the current planetary transits 

· An audio recording of the reading to review at later points in time

Jaime Goldstein was formally trained as a western astrologer by the highly renowned astrologer and author, Gary P. Caton. She fell in love with this sacred art as she learned how to become a co-creator with the cosmos and utilize astrology as a road map during her first Saturn Return. Jaime truly has a passion for connecting to the planets and stars by sitting under the night sky in meditation allowing astrology to become a truly embodied practice. Jaime shares the sacred wisdom she has learned from astrology in natal chart readings, women’s new moon circles, and presentations. She is also a meditation and yoga instructor with a mental health professional background.